Bamboo Murabba 800 gm


Bamboo murabba helps in incresing height , it makes our body strong and keeps us away from fatigue and laziness.

Bambooshoots contains calcium , protein, Va , Vitamin E , Vitamin B6, Megnicium and copper. When Bamboo shoots just came out from the surface , the protein and fiber content is at its peak. At this time , soft bamboo shoots are cut to make  bamboo murrabba , so that it can give the maximum benefits.

More about the bamboo murrabba

Jayani bamboo murrabba helps in increasing height , it improves heart health, it makes our body strong and keeps us away from fatique and laziness.everyone should include bans murrabba in their diet to gain many nutritional benefits.


Bamboo / bans shoots , Sugar Water, Lemon juice

Bamboo shoots take out from the surface , then the green skin will be removed to get soft bamboo shoots inside.

Cut the Soft bamboo shoots into small pieces

Next step is to wash them properly and now they are ready to boil.

Transfer them into a container to boil.

Add sugar , lemon juice and water.

These pieces of shoots will be cooked till the sugar syrup is of one string consistency

Get them cool……and now it is ready to consume.

How to eat

Bans ka murrabba should be consumed 30-40 gram in one serving by empty stomach in the morning.

Morning time is best for eating bamboo murrabba but it can also be eaten at any time in a day but after 2-3 hours of eating.


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