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About Jayani Pickles & Murabbas

Our Sole purpose is to provide the real taste of home-made pickles and murabbas that our dadi used to make and we love it’s taste because it is not just made up of home grinded spices and fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s main ingredient is the love and our passion to provide you all the real homemade taste without any chemicals and preservatives used.

At this time, all types of food are good items to bring to market high-quality foods like pickles, murabba (marmalade), etc. Our products are packed with great freshness and enhanced taste. Each pickle pack and marmalade pack is providing FSSAI with quality and safety standards. The Maa Baglamukhi Enterprises company ensures the availability of safe and nutritious food for human consumption. Important for all humans.

Each of our products is processed with a mixture of high fiber content with the help of our experienced pickles and murabba manufacturers. Those who prepare it are humans rather than machines, who prepare pickles and murabba. We make these products at home because when it is homemade the products will provide a higher range of benefits. We do not use any chemicals to prepare these products and all products are longlasting. All these homemade spices increase the life of the product. Maa Baglamukhi Enterprises , our company delivers all types of vitamins and minirals in the pickles and murabbas.

How The Idea Originates....

How we entered in this kind of business in spite of being good professions, is a long story. The idea originates a couple of years back when a family friend came to our home for lunch and tasted our home made pickles. He was so amazed with the taste of our pickles and to know that we are having so many varieties of pickles and all of them are homemade. He praised us so much about having some unique type of pickles too. He pleasantly said “yaar you should do something for such people who are so fond of pickles but don’t know how to make or don’t have time to make pickles.They have to live on what is available in the market.

Importance Of Homemade Quality Pickles…..

On that day, we realized the importance of homemade pickles and how these can increase the taste of foods for someone. We also realize, there are so many people who yearn for home-made pickles but they are helpless because they don’t know how to Make then at home.

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