Moong Dal Bari | How to make Moong Dal Bari at Home

Taste:- Sour and Spicy

  • Made from good quality moong dal ( green gram)

  • 100% fresh.

  • Totally hand made

  • No salt , asafetida (hing )

  • Processed under the sunlight.

Moong dal bari (dried lentil dumplings)

Jayani  moong dal bari is tatally handmade. We make these mangodi  with the paste of good quality moong  dal ( dhuli moong  dal) and hing. This is very old recipe of our dadi/nani. Traditionally housewives made moong  Badi or Vadi at home in summers but nowadays no one has time to make them at home .

Not to worry …….jayani moong  dal bari is here with the same household taste…..

Moong  dal bari / wadi  can be used in many ways to make different dishes like used with potato tomato ( bari aloo ki sabji ), mangodi with gravy or wadi pulao etc. they are so healthy and tasty too. So enjoy the traditional taste of mangodi with Jayani moong dal bari.


Moong  dal ( green  gram) , hing ( no salt)


Jayani moong  dal wadiyaan made with a fine paste of overnight socked moong dal and little spices. Before making the mangodi  , the paste dal whisked for 15-20 minutes so that it becomes light and fluffy. These mangodi made with clean hands under the proper sunlight. Packed after drying well for 2-3 days.

Moong  dal is a good source of calcium , Iron ,vitamin D, Vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Good for weight loss
It  boosts your energy
It boosts bone mineral density
It is good for diabetics
Its good for your skin.