Papad | How to make Papad at Home

  • Can be used in fast.
  • Natural and authentic Indian recipe.
  • Totally handmade
  • Can be roasted on flame or microvaved or fried.
  • Can be served with tomatoes, onions , green chillies with cocktails.
  • You can enjoy  any meal , any time with spicy , chatpata aloo papad
  • In order tplose weight , choose roasted papad  instead of deep fried papad.

More about papad

Jayani aloo papad is one of the finest vintage recipe of our dadi/nani’s hands. Sundried potato crisps are an all time favorite.


Potato , sendha namak , red chilly powder , coriander leaves , edibe oil.


Aloo papad is a summer recipe. Process is started with washing of potatoes with water and then pressure cook the potatoes till soft.Then we mashed potatoes after peeling them. Mix oil, spices .Then knead like a dough till it takes smoothness and glossy. . Take smallportions of dough and roll as thin as possible, on the plastic sheet.
Then we make fine papad  ,Carefully transfer the papad over a cotton cloth and sun dry for a day or two. Once dried , we peel the papad from cloth and store them in air tight container to give the supply of these crispy papad through out the year.

Aloo papad is much loved Indian snack.