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On the anniversary of JAYANI PICKLES, we want to share the long way which we completed last year. That was the year of ups and downs but at last, we are so grateful to god that god provides us a chance to serve people with great tastes of our products which are made with purity, care, and freshness……

We learned so many things in between to improve ourselves and it was so satisfying that we were able to provide the taste which was liked by people.

We received feedback, advice, and love from our great customers. Now, so many people have become fond of the taste of pickles made by JAYANI PICKLES.

The topmost objective set by us to satisfy our customers has been achieved to some extent, because still we are in our learning stage and always try to improve ourselves to serve our customers with a pure homemade taste of pickles and Murabba.

Now, the reachability of homemade pickles to each and every pickle lover has become our passion. Our vision is to survive the traditional pickling art which was the part of every family’s 

Kitchen, but it is losing its life due to a shortage of time in the hands of people and nuclear family culture. Initially, women of a  joint family used to make different types of pickles together. But this practice is going from our society gradually. But love for these pickles still remains in the heart of people and they are helpless to survive with what is available in the market. 

So, one-day JAYANI PICKLES took the responsibility to provide that gone homemade taste of pickles and murabba to all pickle lovers.

On the anniversary of JAYANI PICKLES, we want to thank our customers who believe us and motivate us on time whenever required. 

We promise to be here to provide the real homemade taste which always keeps you in the remembrance of the taste of your home………

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