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Cut Mango Pickle 400 GM


By Jayani Pickles & Murabba

Benefits of Cut Mango Pickles: –

  • Control of harmful bacteria in our intestine
  • Best For Skin diseases.
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Calcium accumulates in the joints thus reducing inflammation
  • Pickles also contain antioxidants that help reduce the oxidation process of the body due to pollution.


Cut Mango Pickle:

In Indian households, 99% of families use cut mango pickle to eat with food. It is 100% organic. It is found in every Indian kitchen. Pickle makes your lunch fun or dinner has an extra flavor in everything.

In fact, in most households, food without these pickle dishes appears to be incomplete.

We have brought great pickles. We have many customers, who buy chemical-free pickles due to the fact that they buy pickles from us, who are quite satisfied with buying our pickles.

Become our customer and get high fiber with food. It brings out the powerful strength in the human body.

You will find many types of pickle brands in the market. But not necessarily everyone can give you the taste of home, but if we talk about Jayani, then it gives you delicious homemade pickles only at very low prices.

The low price does not mean that we are providing you with inferior goods, but because of the fact that they are homemade makes them cheap in price.

We request you to try this mango pickle once, it is our promise that you will not be disappointed at all and if you like it please share it with your friends too.

Jayani ensures that you get the only fresh and authentic product. We make all the products using only natural ingredients, and with lot’s of love; that’s what makes jayani¬†pickles & murabba¬†so unique and different from others.

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