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Apple Murabba 800 GM


By Jayani Pickles & Murabba

Health Benefits of Apple Murabba:

  • It sharpens the mind and relieves fatigue.
  • It improves body immunity to fight infection and bacteria.
  • Good for our bones.
  • It is superb for the brain and heart.
  • 10-20g twice a day or to be taken under medical supervision.

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Apple Murabba & its Benefits:

Apple marmalade is an excellent health product. Apart from being a fantastic companion to any food, apple murabba has various health benefits. For many centuries, it has traditionally been used as a general health medicine. It sharpens the mind and relieves fatigue.

This is rich in vitamin C, other essential nutrients, and anti-oxidants. Because of its health benefits, many ayurvedic physicians recommend consuming apple murabba every morning.

Everyone knows the benefits of apple themselves. Jayani makes apple marmalade with fresh pilled apples (seb) and sugar. Seb ka murabba is helpful for the strength of teeth, and it reduces teeth decay, good for our bones, it is superb for brain and heart.

You will find many types of pickle brands in the market. But not necessarily everyone can give you the taste of home, but if we talk about Jayani, then it gives you delicious homemade pickles only at very low prices.

The low price does not mean that we are providing you with inferior goods, but because of the fact that they are homemade makes them cheap in price. We request you to try this apple murabba once, it is our promise that you will not be disappointed at all and if you like it please share it with your friends too.

Jayani ensures that you get the only fresh and authentic product. We make all the products using only natural ingredients, and with lot’s of love; that’s what makes jayani¬†pickles & murabba¬†so unique and different from others.

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 13 cm
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