Introduction …… We are the manufacturer of pickles and murabba. We are a Delhi based manufacturer with the name “maa baglamukhi enterprises”.

How the idea originated ….. how we entered in this kind of business in spite of being good professions, is a long story. The idea originates a couple of years back when a family friend came to our home for lunch and tasted our home-made pickles. He was so amazed by the taste of our pickles and to know that we are having so many varieties of pickles and all of them are homemade. He praised us so much about having some unique type of pickles too. He pleasantly said “yaar you should do something for such people who are so fond of pickles but don’t know how to make or don’t have time to make pickles. They have to live on what is available in the market.

Importance of homemade pickles….. On that day, we realized the importance of homemade pickles and how these can increase the taste of foods for someone. We also realize, there are so many people who yearn for home-made pickles but they are helpless because they don’t know how to create them.

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