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We Indians love pickles, don’t we? No Indian meal is complete without a piece of one’s favourite pickle and well who doesn’t love a perfect slice of mango pickle?

We only wish our favourite pickles were not loaded with artificial preservatives.

Mango pickle, remains by far the most common pickle and the taste profile can vary from home to home and brand to brand. One is not necessarily better than the other but the preservative component can add a different dimension entirely.

Jayani homemade pickles and murabba started looking at minimising the use of preservatives and rely on ingredients such as mustard oil that acts as a natural preservative for your fresh #cutmangopickle.

The end product is only as good as the raw material so the selection of fruit and securing the quality supply, as usual, is always the focus area as we enter the mango season. 

The chosen mangoes are cut and soaked overnight with a generous application of salt, usually overnight but it may need to be extended as needed to achieve the optimum level. The overnight phenomenon of keeping the raw mangoes in this manner is also lovingly referred to as “aamion ko charana” or feeding the mangoes 🙂

The following morning, the raw cut mango slices go through another round of fruit selection and dried in the sunlight. Once dried, the pieces are ready to mix with #homegrindedspices. 

As we have mentioned before, our spices are all made from scratch and grounded at home before these are mixed with the #puremustardoil for making the pickle. 

Once the raw cut dried mangoes are mixed with spices and mustard oil, they are placed in sunlight for a second round for sunlight to work its magic. 

It is essential that you keep a close eye to know the right moment when you need to remove the pickle and bottle it for use. If you are unsure, ask your mother, grand mother or mother in law?> Nine times out of ten, she would know it right off the bat. 

Or you can avoid the hassle entirely and just head to Jayani pickles link to order yours now? From our home to yours, with all our love.

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