Hing Mango Pickle

Hing mango pickle/aam ka hing wala achaar is a finger-licking pickle and it is a favorite among kids also. As and when you open the container of hing mango pickle, a wonderful fragrance of the mixture of hing ( asafoetida) and raw mangoes spread out and it’s really mouth-watering for everyone…

Hing mango pickle
Hing mango pickle

The distinctive feature of this pickle is that it is made without oil.

Can you imagine a mango pickle without oil? Yes, it is…….HING MANGO PICKLE.

This pickle is made when raw mangoes have taken their size but still soft. The best time to prepare this pickle is between the end of April to the starting of May.

For the preparation of Hing Mango Pickle, we follow the traditional method and we dry the slices of ripened raw mangoes in the sunlight properly and then mix the salt and red chilly powder and the main ingredient hing ( asafoetida). Then this pickle kept in the sunlight for proper preparation.

After following the above-said process JAYANI PICKLES  makes the availability of this unique pickle at your reach.

This pickle is also good for old age people as it is not having any oil content and it is very good for digestion also. So, how can you stop yourself by tasting it …….

You can also refer to our recipe if you would like to make it at home

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