Jayani Mango Pickle

DRY MANGO PICKLE (आम का सूखा अचार)

Dry mango pickle/aam ka sookha achaar is a very popular pickle among the huge variety of pickles made anywhere.

The specialty of ‘Dry mango pickle‘ is its low oil content as it is made with minimal oil so no spilling of oil in your plate or in your lunch boxes.

With awesome and finger-licking taste, Dry mango pickle has a long shelf life. As it becomes older, it’s taste increases, if it has been prepared with due care.

In the preparation of ‘Dry mango pickle‘, the most important thing is to be careful to dry the slices of raw mangoes in the sun. If we do not dry the slices properly then it can get moldy or if we dry them more then the slices may become chewy. So, the preparation of this pickle requires due care at the time of drying the mango slices, the rest of the process is quite easy.

JAYANI PICKLES is here to bring the gone taste of this great pickle back to your platter, as we prepare dry mango pickle with the traditional method followed by our family’s elderly ladies for years…

JAYANI DRY MANGO PICKLE /आम का सूखा अचार prepared with due care at the time of drying the slices of fresh raw mangoes and then we mix the home ground spices and pure mustard oil (brought from our hometown) to prepare this pickle so that we can provide you the great taste…….

To introduce you and your family with the awesomeness of the great ”  JAYANI DRY MANGO PICKLE”………

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